Enjoy The Beautiful City Of St Louis And Its Wonderful Attractions

St Louis is a gem of a city, The Gateway City, and there are so many wonderful attractions that you and your family can visit. One of them is The World Chess Hall of Fame. We are also going to talk about The Peabody Opera House as you get ready to check out places of interest in The Lou, otherwise known as St Louis MO.

The World Chess Hall of Fame is located on Maryland Avenue. You are going to see some really interesting chess sets there for sure. There are also virtual reality chess games that you can play. It’s going to be a really unique attraction that you do t want to miss when you’re traveling The Gateway City.

The Peabody Opera House is another wonderful venue, and it’s located on Market Street. You can catch shows there as well as see comedians. Take a look at the schedule of events, and it helps to know that comfortable seats await you, too. The Peabody Opera House is an exceptional venue that will make for great entertainment.

Lafayette Square is an interesting place to check out, and it’s located at the corner of Park Avenue and Missouri Street. There are old mansions in this area of St Louis, and it is said to be a beautiful area of the city to visit. Would you like to stop and take a walk around Lafayette Park?

Central West End is a great neighborhood to visit in St Louis, too. You will find that it’s fun to explore, and there are some excellent restaurants there. It’s a lovely area of St Louis to walk just like Lafayette Square.

Are you ready to discover one more really neat place in St Louis? Kirkwood Park is the place, and it is located at 111 South Geyer Road. It features a skating rink, and it is right on the lake, too. You are going to have such a wonderful time exploring this park.

You’ve got a few places that are great for taking a nice walk, each of them different. The Opera House and the chess museum seem like really cool places to visit, too. Decide on where you would like to go as you travel around St Louis MO, and see what all you end up doing. You will certainly have a wonderful vacation, and I think you are really going to enjoy the beautiful city of St Louis.